Error during exportation

hello, someone can tell me how to solve this problem?
I can’t export my game. The message is: “Error while lauching the build of the game. Request failed with the status code 500.”
I’m using the last version of Gdevelop. what is the problem?

Make sure you haven’t exceeded you daily build quota and that your game is under 100 mb

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Thanks a lot for the answer.
Yes the Game was more than 100mb. So today I reduced the audio file and now is 71mb. Despite this I can’t export the game for web nor as an App for windows and macOS.
My dayly buil quota is now 30… and I have a pretty good internet connection.
Do you have any advice for me?

Make sure you’ve used semantic versioning for the software version (number.number.number, example: 1.0.2) in the project settings.