Error reporting in GDevelop

Hi, I wanted to suggest a feature for GDevelop. That is error reporting. I don’t know why GDevelop doesn’t report errors. Like, in the picture I have made a script to create “test” at “Test.X()”. But, there is no object called “test” or “Test”. And the game runs perfectly even if that function is broken.

I realised this issue when I accidentally replace a “n” with “N” for a pathfinding object and it always went to 0,0 and did not work> I spent hours trying to find the issue. It would have been helpful at least the debugger would had told the problem. I know the developer tools can show some problems, but not related to the script.

Thanks for reading <3

This is already a planned feature, see


I am wondering, why there isn’t any votes for this. This would be very helpful. Anyways, thanks <3

I guess because it is a pretty new card and it is at the bottom so not many people scroll that far