Error with Compressor extension

Hello @arthuro555,
I used the Compressor extension to build the event.

However, I am getting an error in that event.
What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for your help.

That’s odd :thinking:

I’ll check this out, thanks for reporting.

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Is because of the second log event when the error raise related to this scripts

gdjs.evtsExt__Compressor__onFirstSceneLoaded.userFunc0x725050 = function(runtimeScene, eventsFunctionContext) {
“use strict”;
/* This is Pako v2.0.3

If I remove the second log It works



>_> The topic is about the decompression function not working and throwing an error, so yes removing the line that uses it removes the error from the logs but not the problem.

Sure I was just pointing the error to the specific event in the Extension script

I have updated the extension, it should work again after reinstalling it. Thanks for reporting!


Thanks for the fix!
This extension is now working properly.