Event cannot be executed multiple times?

Hi guys, I’m new to Gdevelop tool, only one day working on this tool. I have the basic coding knowledge but lack of logic design.

I was doing a drag and drop game for the rubbish classification. Now I got one waste can be drag to any bins. Here is how I design the game:

The bin and waste will detect the collision, if happens in the correct bin, user can gain 100 score and a correct feedback. At the same time, the waste obj will be deleted and a new same obj will be created in somewhere. The bin is open status and it will close when user drag waste on that. After several seconds, the feedback will disappear and user can drag a new waste to ant bins.

The PROBLEM is: only the first drag and drop will work properly, for the new generated SAME OBJ does not have any response, BUT the score is added and showing properly. (Which means after the first drag and drop, the bin will always keep open status, there is no feedback and changes.)

Here is how I design the event:

Here is a video if I can not myself clear.

I tried the repeat event and the result is the same.

Can someone help me on this? Any help is appreciate.
Thank you in advance!

And also, for the Gdevelop, is the events are executed line by line? I tried several times if I change the order of actions, the program still work. That would be better if someone can explain on how the actions work. Thanks!

Please check the wiki if you want to understand how GDevelop works.

Regarding your problem, you’re mixing normal scene timers with object timers, so you have two timers running. You need to be consistent and always use the same type if you want only one timer.

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