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I’m a newbie to this wonderful editor and during my first tutorial I ran into a potential problem:

If one is not paying proper attention to detail while naming an animation in the Object Editor then one can end up wondering why a sprite don’t perform the intended animation and then have to troubleshoot what went wrong ?

One thing which can go wrong is a simple misspelling of the animation name in either the Object Editor or the Event Editor.

The simple solution to avoid this problem (besides paying proper attention ofcourse !) is to let Event Editor look for those animation names and display them in a dropdown list for an easy selection from the user:

I have made an image which explain how it could look like:

What do you all think of it ?

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Users use this fields differently, we can use variable inside for get any animations.
If my animation is “run_speed_1”
I can make : “run_speed_” + VariableString(Speed)
We can use this system with skins. If my sprite have differents skins, so a different animation, i can get skins like this : “Skin_” + VariableString(skin[helmet][0])

If a dropdown list is added we can’t use variables.

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Thank you for replying.

I can see your point and agree with you, however, an easy solution for this is to make the dropdown list the default.
If the user need to make something using variable instead they should just press a button which toggle between the dropdown list and a text field then users can write variables like they normal would.