Event Editor feature requests Mac version GDevelop 5

Not sure if some of these have been covered elsewhere, but here goes:

Make a note in the Documentation that for Mac users, the SHIFT key can be used to select multiple Event Conditions or Actions (for Mac, Control-Click is the same a Right-Click)

In the Event Editor, can you create a way to duplicate multiple contiguous blocks of conditions/actions and allow them to be pasted below the selected condition/line? I have to duplicate a large block of code 10 times and this would make it much easier.

Please enable the Save As option (Mac) so I can create a checkpoint of my project. I know there is an ‘autosave’ version, but sometimes I don’t realize I’ve screwed up until after I have saved a few times. Being able to Save As and name the file with a date/time stamp is much easier then jumping into Finder, making a copy of the .JSON file and renaming it manually.

I noticed in GDevelop 4 (landed there by accident), the graphics were saved in their own sub-folder - I prefer this option since it keeps things tidy in the project folder.

When opening a project (OS X), there is no indication (cursor change, message) that the file is opening. The usual/expected indicator is the spinning color wheel if the process takes more than a couple of seconds.