event groups

Like the ones found in multimedia fusion and construct 2.

What do they do, why are they so useful? How is a group better than just parenting stuff to an empty event and use that as a group.

-clear organization- it allows you to easily group together many events and put a name on the group.
Colapse the group to reduce scrolling when you dont need to edit the group’s contents.

Right now you can fake that by creating an empty event to parent all the subevents you want and colapse it. You have to also create a “comment” line above it.

-Toggling on and off- Groups allow you to turn on and off multiple lines of code during gameplay or during editing (for debugging).
You can for example put in a group all the code that is responsible for player control and during gameplay, when the player is stuck in a trap- you can toggle the “player control” group for x amount of time.

I suppose you can make the argument that “external events” can sort of emulate this in gdevelop. However I find external events very strange and limited. They can not access objects in the scene for some reason- to use them as conditions or execute actions on them. Maybe I am missing something.

Also there is an advantage of having all of your code laid out in a certain way in certain situations. Groups make code editing clearer to the user and they take much less steps and items to setup. Right now to emulate that behaviour you need to set 4 things:

  • an event line to act as the group container
  • a comment line
  • a new variable to use in order to switch on and off that group
  • a condition using that switch variable in the group container parent.

You can, just set the current editing scene into the dropdown list on the top of the externet event sheet editor to show all objects and variables from the scene into the event sheet. But, without doing that, you can still use objects from scene : just type them entirely because Game Develop will not propose them.

Yes, you’re missing something, see Victor answer.
I think I should force the user to choose a scene, just as what is currently done when editing an external layout, before editing an external event for the first time, so that the user is aware that a scene must be chosen to display the objects and everything related to a scene. :slight_smile:

yeah that would help usability.

It doesnt completely solve the issue though. Event groups are a really nice way to work.
both MMF2 and Construct2 have them, and have external event sheets as well. :smiley: