Event is not working?

I will copy all the events needed for the logic of this level. Please check! Why this event is not working? There will be gdevelop file attached! I by mistake, had created an action state “do = 1 to variable Round” I wanned +1 but it is still not working.
Events are not working.gdg (134 KB)

do u want the event 'round to =1 every second?

if so u need to have a reset timer action and the =1 on a subevent


if u just want the game to start at =1 put it as at begining of scene

or a actual timer after 1second change variable to =1

sorry by mistake it is =1 I want it +1 to variable “round” after the timer round is >=1 and the timer should reset when the number of enemies = 0 when the variable camera pause is =1