Eventos externos en Escena

Hello, I have a question, we all know what Minecraft is, but there is something I would like to know about the game, it has several systems!

armor equipment

Manageable Inventory

Create items on specific tables

In the world find “randomly” certain items

Interaction with mobs and NPCs

Interaction with environment (Blocks, liquids, etc.)

And much more!

That is why I want to know, in a game that contains several systems, especially in the implementation of the blocks, how they interact with the environment and the character, whether or not it is creatable and other conditions… Is it better to have these systems as Events, but different External events for a scene or Only 1 External Event with the whole set?

Hi there, weird topic name but…

External Events are mostly for keeping things neat/organized.
Your project sounds very large! It would be better to use many external events for each system.

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Right, my game is very big and that’s why I had that doubt, now that I was doing a review of the folders, functions, events, etc. I noticed this problem when organizing events and I wanted to know how experienced people executed it, thank you very much, your words have been a great contribution.

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