Events Are Being Weird For Me

Hi, I am currently working on a project (my first time using this software, so I’m sorry if I get some stuff wrong) and am having some issues.

I have two sets of events. Both sets have identical conditions/actions (at least as far as I can see), just with different objects. For some reason, when I preview, some elements on one of the sets work while the elements in the other set doesn’t.

I’m probably missing something that’s right in front of me but thank you anyways.

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Provide screenshots of your events.
No magicians around in this forum :wink:


Hi, my bad. thanks for letting me know.

would be nice to see how you actually set the variables and start&reset the timers,
but with the screenshots provided, i can already see whats not working.
your main event and your subevent cancel each other out. they switch each frame.
Hitcar= 1 do ignore controls yes / show carscene
this is still true, and happens each frame.
but your subevent with the timer will hide it again and disables default controls.

the same is true for your Hitfly variable &Timers.

it should look like this.

then all you need to do is set the variables.


Hi sorry for the late reply but thank you very much this was very useful.