Every time my character jumps, glitchy bars appear atop tiled sprites. How do I fix this?

Do you have any code behind the scene?

As in, can you provide a screen snip of the events?

I think these “bars” are the beginning of your trees since you are using tiled sprite for it. I don’t know why you see this only when your character jumps. If you change the size of the tree object to a little smaller does not resolve?

I believe this is a rounding issue with PixiJS and tiled sprites.

I don’t believe they have a fix for this currently, and since that is the rendering engine that GDevelop uses, I’m not sure there is anything the GD5 devs can do: TilingSprite transform.position act on UV ? · Issue #7166 · pixijs/pixijs · GitHub

A few things you can try:

  1. Add another empty row of pixels in the bottom of the existing image used for your tiled sprite
  2. Turn on “Round coordinates” in your project settings