Example game code behaves differently (SOLVED)

Hello all! I am relatively new to Gdevelop, but not to game creation as I have used other programs. I have been taking a look at the examples and more precisely I have been looking at the asteroids game.

There is a part in the code that creates a force on the asteroids to make them seem as they are floating through space. It works great in the example, but when I try and recreate it, it seems to be constantly applying the force rather than a one time thing and the asteroids quickly turn into meteors streaking about the screen. Is there something I am missing? I tried trigger only once for a condition, but then the next time I spawn the medium asteroids they don’t move. I have uploaded a screenshot of the example game and my attempt at it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! If you need to see the variables that I set I can attach that as well.

Turns out I changed the dampening variable to 0 when I added the create force event, so it would constantly apply the force. If I set it to 0, it works as intended!