Example of drawing a quadradic curve and follow it

I created a project on how to draw a quadratic curve using 3 draggable sprites as the nodes and a slider on the bottom that adjusts the variable t from 0 to 1 to move a circle along each line. The project uses formulas I found online and adjusted to work. All files can be used as you wish.

The one line simply uses the 3 sprites as the nodes. The other line uses a formula to adjust the line so it goes through the center control point.

The project:
doug13579/Draw-Quadratic-Curve-Gdevelop-Example: Draw Quadratic Curve in Gdevelop Example (github.com)

A playable online version:


That’s pretty neat.

I’ve been working with Bezier curves in GDevelop, and if you ever want to extend your example, I can provide you with the extension I made that will give the position of a point on the curve given the 4 control points and the ratio along the line (0-1).

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Thanks. I haven’t used the Bezier curves in Gdevelop yet. In drawing apps, I’ve always had a lttile trouble understanding them. I can adjust them once placed but I never understood how to postion them correctly while drawing them.

I find it very nice thanks for sharing.

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