[EXAMPLE] Online multiplayer with PlayerIO


I’m continue my experiment with PlayerIO and this time I was attempt to create online multiplayer where each player has a character and able to move around. I also plan to add some gameplay where players can interact, collide, shoot each other and what not, but for now as a basic example I think it will do. Interaction may be part of a more complete game template in the future.

gametemplates.itch.io/template- … h-playerio

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Is this file available?

Link are broken, but i"ve almost same thing here :

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No, unfortunately. It was not very practical, it was very complicated to setup and use.
It did require JavaScript on the client side, C# on the server side and .NET and Visual Studio to compile the server code, then you had to export the project from GD and make some modifications to the JS code GD compiled in order to get it to working.

It was a nightmare and when I re-organized my itch.io page I have removed this project permanently, not sure if I have a backup anywhere sorry :frowning:

But Bouh did share an example how to set up the client side to connection to the PlayerIO server, take a look :+1:
But for the server side you do need C#, .NET and Visual Studio.

oh! it was helpful.Thanks for your information