Exe crashes after converting from HTML5

Hi, so I made working game in HTML5 on a Mac, now I changed to Windows and converted it to exe. In some moments the game crashes, but I don’t know why.
How to check what are the errors causing it to crash? Or do I have to write it again on windows, because native version has different set of events?


Yes and no, you don’t have to write the project again, at least not entirely. But there are some extensions available for one platform or the other only, for example the AdMob object is availble for web only, and the Tilemap object is available for native only, so check if the native project is not using extensions available for web only :slight_smile:

Hmm thanks for the hint, but I didn’t use any extensions in the game… any other differences?

No as far as I know, can I check that project? Or any project that crashes in the same way (after compiling it to .exe)? :slight_smile:

EDIT: Victor is more experienced with debug tools :wink:

Can you send me your project (with all the resources) by mail (victorlevasseur52@gmail.com) or by PM ?