Execute enemies

I want to down a enemy then you have to stand over it and kill it with a animation played.
This will be a 2d platformer

Hi, what is your question?

You need one animation for bringing your enemy down and another one for “killing” it.

So when the enemy gets to 1 UP it goes down.The the player stands on it and presses E then it plays a few boxes of animation and the enemy’s hp drops to 0 and dies

That makes all sense. So what exactly is your problem with that?

The execute only plays box 1 then it stops

That’s a common problem if there is some conflict with your conditions. You might also set Trigger once if you did not already do so for your animations: Only the first frame of the animation appears

I’ll try and post what I’ve got

The problem is that you set two animations for slime (dying + dead) in the same event. I would put them in different events.

Took out the Slime animation and the same thing happened.So I have cleared it out and gonna start over to try and figure it out.

Maybe you have already checked that but just in case you didn’t, the platformer example has an enemy management event sheet that could be quite helpful for showing how to deal with different animations. GDevelop 5