Expand the Sine Extension


After seeing how impressive many of the extensions have gotten over time, like the health and bullet extensions, I propose that the sine extension is due for an update.

Right now, the current sine extension is only really good for moving objects vertically and horizontally, without much room for any extra options.

It would be amazing if the sine engine can allow for fluctuation of other values, such as scale, opacity, etc, sort of like what Construct 3’s sine behavior does:


Being able to put random offsets and starting offsets would also be a very powerful feature.

It would be really handy and convenient to have extra sine options easily accessible. I know that you can still just type in all the values and do this already, but if the bullet and health extensions were upgraded to the simple way they’re implemented now, then I’m sure sine can get some treatment as well.

Any feedback is appreciated

Yes, I used to love the sine behavior in Construct. There’s a GD extension called Sway that is in fact inspired by it. It’s not as good, but you can customise side to side rotation and up and down scaling and give each one a random range. You can also give a random range for the time for each. So it can actually replicate the Construct behavior for things like swaying grass.

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Just in case: anyone can open an extension in the extension editor and edit/fix/improve it :slight_smile:

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