Experience with Firebase

Hello, just looking for someone that used Firebase and can confidently say what it’s capable of. If anyone reading this is of that description, it’d be great if we can get in touch just do I can ask a couple of things regarding it. If anyone is willing to help, it’d mean a lot.
Thanks in advance!

Heh alright, my original request was way longer so I didn’t want to bore people with reading it.
So anyways, got most of the things sorted out, except one: I want the user to be able to upload an image that he imported to the game to Firebase. And also how would loading it be possible? Perhaps no need to work with images, but maybe turn the image to a value that is saved instead? How would that load for example? Purely speculating and I’m very open to alternatives.

For downloading an image, you can use Firebase storage to store your image, get a download URL in GDevelop via the corresponding action, and use the load sprite from URL extension to load that image into a sprite.

For uploading, there is no way to select a local file with events. You will have to use some javascript opening a file picker. Once you have loaded it in as a base64 string into a variable, you can use the GDevelop Firestore Storage action to upload that image to cloud storage.

Alright, what about uploading an image and creating its independent URL just for that, and then uploading the image from that URL?