Export a global variable

What is the easiet way to export a global variable “HighScore” in some file or something at the end of the game, so that it will be available to the guys that will host the game on their site.
An answer would be really appreciated, thanks.


External storage, it depends on what kind of host you’re using or what you know in web programming. You could use XML for a local storage for example, or even better a php/myslq solution.

Take a look this article of the wiki : http://wiki.compilgames.net/doku.php/gdevelop/tutorials/onlinehighscores?s[]=mysql

I don’t have access to the server and don’t know web programming, that’s why I’m searching for the easiest solution. I already looked at that tutorial but it is way to broad…

Hum, so basically idk, even with XMl, you’ll need at least autorization on the web server to write the file. A solution could be this php/mysql solution on external web server from the host, i d’ont see any “simpliest” solution. The tutorial on this wiki is quite well done, so with real basic skill with php and sql you should be able to try it.