Export an apk for mobile testing

Hi all. I’m trying to export an apk file but gdevelop generate a .zip file. Its strange, 2 days ago i had no problems about apk. Some ideas about it?

well you click on the export for mobile button thing then you click on apk then it should work?

I choose apk file for testing and gdevelop make a .zip file. I allready esport apk whitout problems, i tryed yesterday but the export is a zip . Thanx!

okay ill see if i get the issue

okay i dont get the issue Video

Thanx anyway! Still searching

What happens if you rename the .zip to .apk and load it to your device?

AFAIK, .apk are just zips with a different extension, possibly to indicate they fit a certain structure Android can read.

But it’s puzzling why you get a .zip in the first place

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Happens that you’re right!
Still being strange but your solution work. Thanx again :wink:

I choose the apk file for testing and gdevelop generates a .zip file. I got the apk Hole House with no problem, I tried yesterday and no problem

  1. Export Settings:
  • Have you checked the export settings in GDevelop to ensure that the output format is set to APK?
  • Are there any specific configurations or options related to the export process that you’ve recently changed?
  1. GDevelop Version:
  • Are you using the latest version of GDevelop? If not, consider updating to the latest version to see if the issue persists.
  1. File Contents:
  • When you examine the generated .zip file, what contents does it contain?
  • Is there any indication within the .zip file that suggests it might be an APK, even if the extension is .zip?
  1. File Renaming:
  • Have you tried renaming the generated .zip file to .apk to see if it functions as expected?
  • Does the file still install and run on an Android device after renaming?
  1. Project Integrity:
  • Is your GDevelop project file intact and without any recent corruption or errors?
  • Have you tried exporting other projects to see if the issue is project-specific?
  1. GDevelop Community:
  • Have you checked the GDevelop community forums or support channels to see if others are experiencing a similar issue?
  • If there are any recent updates or announcements about changes in the export process, it might be useful to review them.
  1. Operating System:
  • Are you using GDevelop on Windows, macOS, or Linux? Have there been any recent system updates that might be influencing the export process?
  1. Logs or Error Messages:
  • Does GDevelop provide any error messages or logs during the export process?
  • Checking for error messages might give more insight into what is going wrong.

By addressing these questions, you may be able to pinpoint the cause of the issue and find a solution or workaround to export the APK file successfully. If the problem persists, reaching out to the GDevelop community or support channels for assistance could also be beneficial.

You can directly download the export file from here.

I tried creating an apk file and its result is also a .zip file