Export Applications

I’m currently using GDevelop to make a classic arcade game. The export options to windows, linux, and Mac are very useful. However, if I were to put the exported game onto a computer (my arcade machine with a monitor) the computer’s operating system is still obviously visible/accessible. Classic arcade machines, when you turn them on, the game starts immediately. How would I go about making my project start automatically on my hardware for a more authentic look? Raspberry Pi and alternative smaller processors are also possibilities for this project. Any ideas would be welcome.

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For Autostart I personally find Linux better. The best would be to set up a Cron task or something like that to start the game automatically. To make it more “authentic” I think you can disable the UI (gnome/kde/cinnamon etc) so that it remains a black screen until the task scheduling method you use fires up. A RPI isn’t a bad idea but the build server currently doesn’t support ARM and I am not sure about Electron’s ARM support.