Export error message code 504

Hi all,

I tried to export the game but it keeps showing me 504 error.
It seems to have a problem at step 3 build and download.
When it started to process the last step, an error message pops up says Error while launching the build of the game. Request failed with status code 504.
I need to play it online.
I tried to export more than 6 times… please help me.
(if it’s because my project is too big, it means i cannot export them?)


I think it means your project is too big compared to your upload speed.
If my memory is right, the build server times out after a few minutes of upload.
Remove some assets (music) to make it lighter, for testing.
If your project is too big for your bandwidth, you can build it offline then upload it to itch.io or other gaming website. It takes a bit of effort to set it up, but then, it’s faster and unlimited. Also, itch.io has a butler service that makes updates way faster.

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Thank you so much. I will check!