Export extensions in the web editor

i want to be able to export an extension in the web editor

why its important:
my problem is that i can’t export an extension i made on the web version
i currently have to go to a friend’s house to export the extension, which is inconvenient, adding a button would make it possible for more people to make extentions

what i think should be done:
add export extension button to web editor

Hi Gabrielzv1233!
Quick question: What does your friend have that allows you to do the export (and that you can’t do at your place)?

Also, there is this topic made by Arthuro555 about importing extensions on the web: Allow importing non-store exensions on the web app. If it is similar to what you’re looking for, would you mind adding your feedback and vote there? That way it is easier to classify the demand under the same topic.

Thank you!

My feature request is about importing extensions from the web app:

This feature request is about exporting extensions:

(Both captured from the desktop app, since the web app is not compatible)

Technically, it would be very easy and feasible to implement it in a cross platform way, since HTML5 allows saving and opening a file quite easily. For no real reason other than using electron APIs for the sake of using electron APIs, this and many other editor features were only implemented using the PC-build only electron APIs instead of cross-platform equivalent APIs from the web platform.

Yeah so i use a school Chromebook for GDevelop, meaning i need to use the web editor to make extensions and games, my friend has a Windows PC that has GDevelop installed on it, so i go over there, log into GDevelop, export the extension and email it to myself and send in the update, it is just a major inconvenience to go over there, and i don’t really see why its not on the web version anyway

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that would also be nice to have