Export Folders to HTML5

I have concluded my first Tutorial (with the turret and the tanks). The Tutorial is laid out on the fact that the “play” is extracted then as a HTML5 - play. This has also well folded everything.
Then I have looked in the export folder and found out that he was equipped as follows:

And then there came all possible pictures (which I had integrated) and all possible JS files. . . everybody in the lowest level. I hold this for very ineffective. Now I would “say” with pleasure the programme Central management that it should put on a JS library and a picture gallerie in which in each case all JS files or images are filed. Then it should look as follows:

or better

Do I have the possibility to put on folder so in central management that these are also used with export to HTML5? Are there “export-settings”? I have found there up to now neither in the Wiki nor here in the forum something fitting. :confused: