Export for other platforms (e.g. HTML5)

Game Develop is already great as it is. But I would suggest an option to export the project as other formats. You know, people love to download games, since it worths to be played by hours. If you do, for example, a simple, arcade-like game, no one would download it. That’s why would be great export to other platforms, in special to online formats.

I know it might be quite complex do a converter, I just wanted give a suggestion to contribute here. :blush:

Game Develop is currently using technologies that are not working in a browser but I’m making internal changes so as to allow Game Develop to handle more than one technology: For example, we can imagine the possibility to create games using HTML5/Javascript indeed.
But note that such new platforms would be quite different than the current implementation, (there won’t be a 1:1 compatibility, it would be difficult and it would not allow to take the most of all platforms ), even if I would try to make them as similar as possible to allow some kind of compatibility.