Export for the UWP Platform?

Sorry I can not possibly compress it as low as you could download with slow wifi. Not sure what makes you think that I can. Maybe there is an easy way to do it but I am not familiar with compression technologies. I can’t help you with that.
I’m sure there is someone in your community, a friend, a teacher, someone in the library or local school to download it for you, that is the best way to go. Or in case you have 4G coverage, you can purchase data to download it using 4G maybe. Anyhow I can’t help you with this. Sorry. :+1:

thank you for tryin’

I followed your posts and I got past the Javascript runtime error by adding the folders like you said. Then I got a black screen and a “Resource violated directive script-src ms-appx” message. I searched that up and it was recommended to add ms-appx-web:///index.html as the start page and as a Content URL in the manifest file.

After all that it definitely launched on my local pc but I did notice some random slow down which doesn’t happen if I play the same game on my website. My games resolution is set to 1080p in GDevelop. I know nothing about UWP, but I’m going to see if I can get it working on my Xbox for fun. Also Windows Key+Shift+Enter made it go into fullscreen on my pc.

I got it to run on my Xbox One X but it was more stuttery than on my PC but still playable. Other than performance issues I noticed that for some reason the B button on the controller backs you out of the game and the Start button brings up some prompt to disable gamepad input. Why those buttons do that I’m not sure.

Another thing is that I have a Press Any Key screen after the game loads (I think this was required for music to work, not sure if it’s still required now) but because of that screen I had to plug in my keyboard accessory into my controller and click a key which worked to get me past it.

One final note, my game was exported in July with GDevelop version [5.0.0-beta97]. Performance in Chrome is flawless just not in this UWP format. I’m not sure if a newer build would improve this or not but I will be testing it more soon.

Sorry I can not provide you with the exact steps. it is best if you refer to the official Microsoft documentation on how to build and deploy UWP apps.

But as far as I know Microsoft dropped support for JS-UWP apps, maybe this is why TravsVoid was getting poor performance. I can even imagine at some point you won’t be even allowed to publish it on Xbox regardless you can still build and run using VS2017.

okay, I found out how to fix it, but theres a lot of errors in the index.html of the game, does anyone else have these errors such as objects listed in the code of index.html but those objects don’t exist? These errors cause me to not be able to use VS code’s preveiw tool. Are these errors only for me or are they for eveyone else?

planning too once I finish my game