Export for the UWP Platform?

It would be great to integrate the feature to export to
the universal platform of windows 10
there is a lot of demand for games on that platform
would be a more available market and more public and profitability
Could it be possible via WinJS or Cordova? :bulb: :bulb:

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You can already publish HTML5 games to Windows Store and Xbox with Visual Studio. Just export the game from GDevelop to HTML5 and then create a UWP JavaScript project in Visual Studio. Import the exported HTML5 game in to the UWP project in Visual Studio and done. You got a UWP HTML5 app that you can publish to Windows Store and Xbox One.

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Btw if anyone follow the method explained by @ddabrahim I’m interested in knowing more about your game :slight_smile:

This is actually great news! Going to test it out once I have some spare time. Thanks :smiley:

I dragged the HTML5 files into VS, but it didn’t work. I used Javascript. What am i doing wrong?

You can’t just drag and drop files in to Visual Studio projects. You need to include them as content in your application but they don’t get included just because you drag 'n drop them in to the project folder or Visual Studio.

In the solution explorer you need to right click the project and select Add existing item to add folders and files…
After you need to right click the project one more time and rebuild the project.

Alternatively you can also select each individual file and make sure the package action is set to be content but in case of GDevelop game you have lot of files to go through.

If it still doesn’t work try to rebuild the Solution too. Right click the solution in the solution explorer and select Rebuild.

If you still can’t get it working, I remember someone did offer on the forum for people to build their projects for UWP try to search the forum maybe you can find him or her. :+1:

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Thank you so much for your help and all the work you’ve done!

Does it matter what programming language i use?

As far as I know it is have to be JavaScript since it is a JavaScript project :grin:
But you don’t actually need to code anything, just export HTML5, import in VS, make sure index.html is in the root of the project and that’s it. Maybe you need to set some properties in package.appxmanifest in the solution explorer but that’s it, no coding required.

I’ve read somewhere that Javascript UWP projects are no longer supported, is this true?

In VS 2019 the templates are not included but Microsoft did not comment on that if they dropped support or not or why they didn’t include the templates in VS2019. So the rumors begin to spread they drop support for HTML5. But it is just rumors, for now it is still working but only VS2017 has the templates for some reason.

But yeah, if you want to make an Xbox game it is your primarily target and you just getting started and the development may take 2-3 years from now, I can’t really recommend to use HTML5.
But if you have a HTML5 project in the making already and you are about to finish it, as of today, you can target Xbox using VS2017. That’s all I can say about it.

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But if i just want to “convert” a GDevelop game to Xbx1, that will work with VS '19?

No. As I mentioned the UWP-JS templates that you can use to create a blank UWP JS project to build UWP apps are not included in VS2019, you have to use VS2017 to build UWP apps from HTML5.

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Ok. Thank you so so much!

I still have one little question, I’m trying what you said right now. When i try to add an existing item, I go to the HTML5 folder of the GDevelop game, and just do Ctrl+A. It doesn’t include the folders… Am I doing something wrong?

This is what my Javascript UWP project looks like. When i preview it, the program just doesn’t load en stays on the default icon. Could you please tell me what to do?


I was forget about folders are not get included that way, VS can be a real pain sometimes or always.
The error message is probably because the HTML5 project was not imported properly and could not find declaration of some classes.

So, to include the folder too, what you need to do is copy the project manually in to the VS project folder.
ProjectFolder → ProjectName → index.html

This is where all the folders including index.html need to be located. You can delete the default index.html, images, css and js folder of the VS project, you don’t need them but first you need to exclude them from the VS project. Right click in the solution explorer and choose Exclude from project and then you can delete them, otherwise you are going to get an error when you build because the compiler trying to include them but can not if you delete them.

After you have copied everything in to the VS project folder manually. In Visual Studio in the solution explorer select the application:

After you need to click the Show all files button on the top:

After all the folders and files going to be shown with gray icons that is not included in the project.
Right click the folders and files you wan to include and select Include in Project:

It should go ahead and include not only the folder but all content of the folder.
It is very unfortunate GDevelop generate so many individual files in the root folder, so if you have lots of content and files, you may want to add the files from the root folder with the Add Existing Item method, and add the folders and their content as I have explained just now.

After you should be able to build the VS project without any errors. :+1:

I really appreciate all your help, but I’m such a noob that I can also make this fail…
I get these errors:

vs%20uwp%20gdevelop%206 vs%20uwp%20gdevelop%207 vs%20uwp%20gdevelop%208

What am I (again) doing wrong?

Edit: Yes, i have tried deploying it. That also did not work. Then i got the error on the bottom of the upper picture, with the splash screen. And get the same “needs to get deployed” error.

my wifi is too slow to install visual studio, even to download visual studio offline installer, i need visual studio offline install highly compressed

I see that you mentioned something like 10MB in an other topic, I have no idea how to compress 7GB in to such a small size. Sorry.
Maybe more realistic to ask someone to download the offline installer on to a USB stick, flash drive or directly to your computer for you. Maybe you can find someone in your local community to help you with that?

ok compress it as low as u can if u cant make it to 10mb or less.