Export game to google play store

I’m trying to upload my game to google play store, and they ask for ID change.
I went to ID for android ant IOS on g develop properties and I have no idea what I should put in.

For starters, go to the Game Settings/Properties tab, and make sure to fill the fields on top.

In Game properties set the Package name for iOS and Android to something like com.mycompanyname.myawesomegame
Then export again as APK and upload to Google Play
Dont forget to change the game version too.
The properties should look like this.

This is exactly what I did but as I understand I need to change the ID tab. Which I have no idea how or what to fill in .

That is only in case you use AdMob.
If you’re not using it there is no need to fill that field.

hi meni770, had you solved this problem? I have the same too and I also do things as advices from this forum but cant change…

You need a Unique Bundle ID
The package name should be suitable over the life of your application. You cannot change it after the distribution. You can set the package in the application’s manifest file. Check step 5 here: How to Publish Android App on Google Play Store in 10 Steps