Export GDEVlop to XCODE?

Will this ever be possible? The method that is advised is very makeshfit and doesnt really work… Will there ever be a gdev to IOS button? GODOT , unreal and unity can do it…

As far as I know, there are nearly 100 Gdevelop made games on iOS, with a few released near the end of last year, so the current method works just fine.

For the actual question, for local exports, Cordova to Xcode is the method to be used, and is the intended method for compiling an JS/HTML5 game (Which GDevelop games are) for iOS.

Godot, Unreal, and Unity use completely different technology and it isn’t 1:1.

For the cloud server, my understanding is the devs have stated the cloud server would require a VM running MacOS which is prohibitively expensive and not guaranteed to work, so that may be unlikely to ever happen.