Export html5 to 'stretch' width AND height to fit screen?

Doing a couple of html5 web based export tests, I noticed the options are to export the app stretching horizontally width ways to fit the screen OR vertically to match the height, but not both.

How do i export an app that will fill the screen both ways ? i do not need to maintain the aspect ratio.

I’m not sure that scaling (maintaining the aspect ratio) is optional. Even if you remove the line “scaleMode” in “properties”… the “linear” mode should be applied. Feel free to try.
Do you realise how ugly it would get without aspect ratio? :thinking:

well, landscapes seem okay without caring about aspect ratio - it really gets weird in portrait though :smiley: (talking about other platforms, not GD, since I can’t get the same effect in GD yet). I disabled portrait mode anyway with a rotate-device message.

I’ll give it a go, see how it goes.