Export my game on another web page

Can you export a game on another page, for example, a page that I create or has to be the ones that appear?

I’m not sure what you mean.
You can export your game as a HTML folder and load it on any web server. I use itch.io.

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You can export your game externally as html and android. Which you can transfer to an android device as an apk or upload to the google playstore or embed it in a website(itch.io) as an html game. Or you can use the gdevelop sample publishing sites poki etc… if you would like.

These videos should help you with the process:

  1. Export as html
  1. Export as android(APK)

I have the same question, I have finished my game and I would like to upload to my Wordpress web. How can I do it? Can I upload it to the same server of the web or do I have to do to one of the recommended by gdevelop?
Someone has uploaded a game to wordpress?

Export as html then embed into your website.

No idea how compatible it is with Wordpress, maybe you need a business plan for that.
I think you cannot import html files on Wordpress, and I’m not sure iframes are accepted.