export online / character activation keys


When I export the plateformer game (option online gdevapp.com)
here for exemple
gdevapp.com/play.html?g=55073ce … 3f9291ee27

The game is well loading 100%
but after

  • on PC : when I use the keys arrows (left/right) to move the character
    nothing happen, the character doesn’t move, he is like stuck
    I have first to click on the left button of the mouse on the screen in order to activate the keys arrows (left/right)

  • on smartphone : the same, the game is loading good, the graphics appear fine,
    but the character doesn’t move when we touch the tactile screen

Would you know what king of event/action/code I should add
so that the keys arrows are activated from the beginning and the character can move ?

Thanks very much