Export Problem

I’m new to game dev in general not only Gdevelop5. I make my first game and export it for Windows. The game work but the colors are more saturated and bright why is that ? In Gdevelop 5 test game look different. I click Windows.Zip and download it. Sorry for language English is not my first one. :slight_smile:

That’s new, can you post some images please?, I’m a curious person :slight_smile:
No idea what could be the problem, seriously :confused:

No, it is not. We have it for quiet some time but never really bothered me that much because the different browsers using different rendering engines and so you get slightly different colors anyway.
In this case maybe the export is using a different version of Chromium than GD or something:

The one on the right is the preview, it is identical to the IDE, the one on the left is Windows export.