Export problems

My game for some reason does not want to export every time I try I get this message. Nothing happens when I press see logs nothing happens. Any ideas?
Also I uploaded my game to itch.io using local folder option and it worked, any ideas?

Try to set the project icons before (Project panel >> Icons) :slight_smile:

Hey Blazej080!

Try creating the icons using built in generator and check for the missing/broken files. In case it won’t work but, yet, you’ll figure out what was wrong please write the solution here. In my project none of those methods work and I can’t get the log file to post it here. I’m trying to figure out why it’s not working for a week now and unfortunately I have no progress :confused: .
If you don’t know how to pack the project into .apk by yourself (using phonegap and then android studio) let me know I’ll try to guide you as well as I can :smiley:

@Darious, can you send me your project in a PM, so I can try to build it?, I could (not) figure out what is going on :slight_smile: