Export to Android apk and Windows

Hi there,
Just exported my game to an Android .apk and a windows exe to try them, and both builds exhibit the same problem. On starting the game, the GDevelop splash screen comes up, game loads to 100% and then it just goes to a white screen, with a single 0 being displayed near the centre of the screen. This happens with a Windows build as well. The game runs fine within the GDevelop editor. I am probably doing something wrong, but some help would be much appreciated. I am using the latest build of GDevelop, have no icons, the game is well under 100Mb and I have created a package name within the guidance. Thanks.

Maybe the first scene is not the one you think. Make sure the first scene of your scenes list is the one you want the game to start with.

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Thank you.
Yes that was the problem and the apk works fine now