Export to different OS

So far, GD can export to Windows or Linux but it depends on which OS you are using too. It would be really awesome if you can add exporting to other OS no matter what OS you are using. Like even if I am using Windows OS, I can export to Linux. Exporting to Mac would also be reaaaaally awesome.

Not sure if this is possible. This is the reason why I just export to HTML and can’t use all the juicy features the exporting to native has :frowning:

P.S. If there’s gonna be a pro version of GD, I’d definitely pay for this feature :laughing:

This was already suggested by me and it turned out it’d be hard for 4ian to do that (even though crosscompiling is a thing). So unless someone else would code that in, the best chance you have is to get yourself Windows/Linux VM and install GD on it. I, unfortunately, lack expertise needed to made that happen, but I know it is possible as I’ve seen enough compilers that support crosscompiling (and gcc which is used by GD is one of those) to support my claims.

Ahh that’s a shame.

Maybe he can add the features available in native only over to html then? I know GD uses pixi.js for HTML export.

I don’t really have enough experience to know if that would be harder or not.