Export to playstation and xbox

I made a game and i wanted to export the game to playstation and xbox but i can’t because they is no option to do that. I dont have visual studio and my internet is too slow to install visual studio so i can’t export to xbox or playstation. I have a gamepads extension and exported my game as html but if i upload it to the internet then i can play it on my xbox or playstation online but i want is as an actually installed game. If anyone know how to port an html5/PixiJS games to xbox or playstation then tell me.

I’m also suggesting this.

Thank you :3

You need visual studio.

On a side note, you focus on the export, but once exported, how would you install it?
I would guess only hacked consoles can run such homebrews.

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For Playstation, it’ll be a bit difficult. First of all, you would need to get into a partnership with sony, and those are the requirements:

It’s pretty restrictive and can already block you there. Then, the sdk is closed source so I am not 100% sure but from what I read on the internet it seems they don’t have any tools for HTML5 development. You would have to port a browser like chrome or write a custom renderer bound to a javascript engine for your game, which would be painful either way.

For XBOX, you can look into pwa builder. Note that this’ll work only on your local console, to distribute it for example as an official game/app, you will have to enter one of Microsoft’s partnership programs, which cost about 20$ for independent devs. They are also a bit exigent on the quality of the game, but not as much as other consoles.