Export to Windows problem

Hi everyone.

I have 4 level in my game and you can go level1 to level2, level2 to level3. You can’t go back. When Level4 edit screen open, I export game for Windows(auto-installer file). When I open exported game, it just have Level4. Why did it happened? And what do I do? Should I export when the Level1 edit screen open?

I think the order on the left side panel (project manager) decides which scene opens first. Did you place the #4 at the top of the list? If not, perhaps in your events, something triggers automatically the level #4

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My left side panel (project manager). First level is Menu2 and last level is Level3. Is this correct order? Or Do I put Menu2 on the top of the list and Level3 on bottom of the list ?

Order like this (worked for me)