Export value of a variable

Is there a way to export the value of a variable(global or scene doesnt matter) so that i can use that value out of my game app somewhere else.
For example I want to take the value of a variable highscore and show that value on leaderboard on a different page which is not in the game?
is it possible?

Take a look here: File system [GDevelop wiki]

thanks but i think i need to refrain my doubt

consider my game is launched on android and 100 players downloaded it and play it. Now i want my game to have a feature which is player makes a score and submit then i can show his score on a leaderboard(which can be another scene of the game) along with other 99 players’s score. Is this possible to do this
That filesystem is only for per player, it saves data for that particular player in his device for only him not for everyone

For that, you should use: Network [GDevelop wiki]

yea i also thought that this might be a solution to my problem but i dont know how does this section of gdeevlop work
i looked for it in this forum too and many people have doubts with that section and seeking for a tutorial for how to use it
can you shed some light on it if you have any experience with it.