Exported APK not opening on Android

Can someone help me?
I created a game almost identical to Gdevelop “Geometry Monster” in order to find out how to export games, how to add ads etc (It’s my first game)

But I am unable to play the game on my phone.
I downloaded the game apk, and installed it on my phone but I keep getting the error “The game keeps stopping” each time I tap on it

  • I added game Icons
  • Used this package name com.digitaldoodlinggames.dodger
  • Sent the APK to 2 different phones and they are also getting the same error
  • My Android version is Android 11

I tried to find a solution online but so far, no luck :frowning:

Here’s the Liluo link if you want to give it a quick look

Hi Digitalstickmans, I didn’t look at your link. And I don’t have any solutions for you but have you tried exporting an example game without making any changes to it and testing that on your phone? If you try that, the result might help people here give you a better answer.

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Hey Bubble,

Thanks fo response. So I downloaded the pre made game geometry monster and installed it on my android phone. This one works fine.

Guess I will have to mess with the settings of my game in order to match the example game

Yes, and you also try it from the other direction with whatever you think is the most likely problem. For example, add ads to the pre-made game, and keep adding stuff and testing until you break it.

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Okay after hours of trying I managed to solve the issue. The issue was me all along

Basically, I wanted to add ads to my game, so I used some test ads codes from google in order to see how they work. However dumb me used codes for IOS devices. (It was an accident,don’t do that)

After adding the android ads the issue was still occurring.

Till I realised my other dumb move.

I used the reward code ca-app-pub-3940256099942544/5224354917 for the test ads as my addmob android ID !!!

Anyway I don’t think that someone can be as dumb as me and end up with the same issue but in case you do…

When you are trying to use GOOGLE TEST ADS so that you don’t get your account banned.

  • Make sure that your “Android admob app id” matches the one of your app from google add mob cause it can break your game. Even if you are using Test ads you must still include your actual Application ID.

  • Use the correct Android ad unit on your game actions

Basically my mistake was that I was using the codes from Enabling test ads  |  Android  |  Google Developers
as my Application ID and as my Ad units, where they should be only used as AD units.