Exporting and importing events and groups

This option would allow people to along with explaining each other what’s wrong with the code and how to optimize it, also allow them to edit it too.
Instead of posting screenshots (which would be still available) I think that posting actual code that can be edited would in some (if not all) scenarios make it much easier to help people fix their issues with the game.

Another use for this would be the availability for people to share their codes as useful snippets.



What you are describing is one of the main purpose of extensions. You extract your group/events into a function (available in the rightclick menu), do the required cleanup to make it not project specific, then export the extension. You can import any extension json file locally, too, it doesn’t have to be in the extension list.

Because the majority of normal events are object focused, you cannot directly export or import from/to your event sheet as the events would be referencing objects that don’t exist. This is why the mentioned cleanup above is required.

Wouldn’t it be still useful if someone can just export their group to a single json file, and then other person would import it, add/edit actions/events and export it back. For non existing objects, it wouldn’t harm if the person who doesn’t have them just get a warning (image below) or something like that.

I mean, the whole purpose would be to import people’s code, fix the issue and export it back. You don’t really care if you have required objects because you won’t be previewing the game.
I just think that it would be much easier approach then screenshots and explanations what, where and how to remove/add.

So if you’re looking to not do cleanup, what you’re describing is still functions/extensions. If you don’t do the cleanup and export the extensions, it’ll show failed object references when the other user imports it, but they can still make adjustments as needed and re-export it.

Hmmm… maybe that wasn’t that good idea after all. Yes, that was the idea. Everyone can make adjustments, but only the person who needed help and exported the code can use it without warnings since it has all the required resources. Yeah, it does sounds bad, nevermid.