Exporting to iOS - anybody getting it to work?

I created my first game and got it working on Android, including in-app purchases and AdMob banners and reward videos. I love the one-click export in GDevelop: the game works just as in the Preview. All good so far!

Now I am trying to export the game to iOS. I paid the $99 fee, got an account as Apple Developer. Used the manual Cordova based export. Followed all the steps and got it to build in XCode. But now, when i run it in a iPhone simulator or an actual iPhone, the game behaves differently. Some examples:

  • a video which transitions between two scenes pauses at the end. I have to click on the close button to continue (as opposed to just transitioning to the next scene)
  • the background music stops at random places
  • the Exit button does not work (all it does is call the “Quit the Game” action)
  • in-app purchase does not work

Before I dig into debugging all this, I thought I would ask if I am doing something wrong:

  • Should I use specific versions of the build toolchain, as opposed to the latest? I’m using
    node -v
    npm -v
    cordova -v

  • is the iOS export being actively supported and updated? I got a bunch of warning during the build, eg:
    2022-11-18 22:16:31.805289-0500 Logiroscope[439:46177] InAppPurchase[objc] (before init): WARNING: Your app should be single page to use in-app-purchases. onReset is not supported.
    2022-11-18 22:16:38.575570-0500 Logiroscope[439:46486] Google:HTML You are currently using version 7.69.0 of the SDK, which is deprecated. Please consider updating your SDK to the most recent SDK version (9.12.0) to get the latest features and bug fixes. The latest SDK can be downloaded from Google Mobile Ads SDK  |  iOS  |  Google Developers. More information about the SDK deprecation schedule is available at https://developers.google.com/admob/ios/deprecation.
    2022-11-18 22:17:27.095638-0500 Logiroscope[439:46177] Could not signal service com.apple.WebKit.WebContent: 113: Could not find specified service

  • any news on a one-clicl export for iOS?
    iOS is a big chunk of the mobile games market!

I have not been able to find much help online. Does anybody have any pointers? Have you successfully published your game on iOS? THANKS!

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This video may help you