Expression Editor: new category "operating system"

I currently see no way of getting any information about / from the operating system the game is running on.

Since Vista applications are not allowed to write into “program files” directory anymore (without asking for admin privilages). That forces you to either run your game as administrator (bad idea) or install it some place else. By integrating some variables that give information about the OS the game is running on one could for example create savegames in the users personal folder.


  • Operating System
    [*]My Documents path (path to logged in users personal folder for storing savegames and the like)
  • Systen Name / Version (Windows 7 / Ubuntu 14.10)
    (And maybe other system paths like desktop folder or OS architecture)
    Another thing I found is that SFML offers functionality to get all supported fullscreen resolutions. Storing these in a variable structure would be helpfull too.
    What do you think?