[Extension][Deprecated] Keyboard for mobile


Unfortunately this extension uses a lot of workarounds that don’t work on some devices.
Maintaining the keyboard extension is just impossible.
One solution would be to make your own keyboard in GDevelop with sprites for keys, and add related events.

I present to everyone my extension for using keyboard on mobile.
This extension add a new behavior!

Version Stable: 0.0.2
Version Beta (need feedback, support also iOS)

  • Features:
    - Open/Close text keyboard on Android mobile.

  • Download :

    Follow this steps and search keyboard.
    You should see :

  • How use it ?

    Create an object text entry.
    Add the new behavior called “Mobile virtual keyboard for Text Entry” on it.
    Go in eventsheet.
    You can now add two actions :

    • Open mobile keyboard
    • Close mobile keyboard
  • Mobile support :
    Android, (iOS in progress see beta version)

Please give me yours feedbacks, with model phone and version.
Be most detailed in your explainations.


Beta version: 0.0.3b

Added features :

  • New option in behavior : tel, number, email (text by default)
  • iOS support ?
  • New action for change type of keyboard.

Test beta version online here.

Download the extension file.

Please give me yours feedbacks, with model phone and version.
Be most detailed in your explainations.

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Just a quick question: When the Keyboard pops up my game screen is zoomed out. Is this the normal behaviur or am I missing something?

The keyboard isn’t overlap the game, then the game can be resized i guess.
I’ve not touched this extension from a while. It’s very hacky for now. And bugs are present for iOS and some devices. I’ve no plan for update this one for now.

I see. I had a custom keyboard on my app but I was thinking on using this one. I will back to my previous implementation for now then. Thank you for the reply.

Great, very useful. It should be a fundamental function for mobile games. Thanks

Could you please show an example of use? It looks very simple, but I can’t activate it on my phone.

In my Samsung A40 it works perfectly.
Just one question: how to intercept the Enter Key ?
At the end of digitation I want to call an event. How to do it ?

Very useful extension. I hope it gets compatible with iOS devices as well. Any updates?

Hi thanks for this extension. Is this extension now working on iOS? @Bouh

Hi !
No yet.
I’ve too much thing to finish before, and i have no iPhone for debugging.
All this constraint make the developement is in suspension.

@Bouh, Ok, thank you so much for responding. Please can you suggest to me an alternative or a workaround to achieve a keyboard (input capturing) for iOS devices using gdevelop?

Create yourself a keyboard in an external layout, and use it in your scene when you need it.
With each characters are an little sprite.
When the touch is pressed on a sprite, add in the textEntry or an variable the characters pressed.

Ok. Thank you for the suggestion. I really appreciate

I actually did the same thing, using a sprite based keyboard, as you can see in the image below:

Works great, and you have full control on how the keyboard will show on the device.

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I just tested the link http://witly.fr/export_keyboard/ from my iPhone 11 (iOS 13.5.1) in safari and I don’t get any virtual keyboard. Will there be an update?

I used my laptops keyboard to play on mobile

Is this a bluetooth keyboard that you connect to your phone?

Nope its my laptop keyboard, i use sidesync app which allows me to connect my phone with laptop over a same wifi connection!!

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Great, thank you for the tip!