Mobile virtual keyboard 2021

I want to open my virtual keyboard on my mobile phone with Gdevelop. I saw this thread: [Extension][Deprecated] Keyboard for mobile, but it doesn’t seem to work anymore. Does anyone have a solution for opening the virtual keyboard on android/IOS? Looking forward to an answer.

A Cordova plugin can be added on extension, if a Cordova plugin exists to open the keyboard it could be possible to do something.
I’ve never used Cordova dependency in GD I’m curious to see how use it if you succeed to find a Cordova package.

Luckily I found the behaviour ‘TextEntryVirtualKeyboard’. This behaviour works and opens the virtual keyboard on mobile! Great!

How did you make this work? As it’s not working with mine. Even the Gdevelop template

Hi! You can use the function/behaviour called ‘TextEntryVirtualKeyboard’. You can find it by clicking on ‘Click to add functions and behaviours’ under ‘Functions/Behaviours’ in the project manager. It works for me on android, but I haven’t tested it yet on IOS.

It doesn’t seem to work on IOS. Anyway, how did you validate the user input?

I use these events for now: