External events and collapse of gdevelop

I have created a series of external events and link them to a scene. When I try to use the same links for the next scene the IDE collapses.

The core of the game is ready I just want to create more levels

what should I do ?
Link the second scene to the first?

Even to me by the same problem with the platform also saving the parameters after the reboot they go wrong and the error.

To solve the problem I do everything on a single page without using the external event function.

For the scene do you refer to the level change?

But wait for the answer of someone who is most expert in me. I’m an amateur at the bar.

Damn translator is definitely full of errors this post. :cry:

do you speak spanish ?

I speak Italian no I do not speak Spanish

when I write in English I know the basic but to avoid mistakes in writing I use the translator.

Are you able to solve the problem by accident?

I have already read it some time ago: Compilation fails when you link the same external event to multiple scenes, and I can reproduce it, but I’m pretty sure it was already fixed in the past, maybe it’s a regression… It’s a C++ error in the GD events engine core, so we’ll have to wait for @victor or @4ian :neutral_face:

oh , i have the same problem, i speak spanish, i did what you said, and i put everything in one place, but i did it this way

comment —> the name of the chunk of code , what is for
condition → no condittion
sub_condition—> i put the code

that way i can organize the hole code and copy it very fast…just have to copy the comment and the first line of condition three

I posted several logs about this kind of bugs : i had a critical one in 4.0.92, it’s corrected in 4.0.94 but i face a new one.

To keep going working : just dont use external event for now, or just use them and link them at the end before compiling an external executable. Only the scene editor crash from my own experience.

Also, maybe to be sure about the problem, you could try to use “GDB”, lkike expained in this post : [url]GDevelop crashed or you found a bug?]

I was opening a new issue on GitHub, making sure the problem was native related only, when the bug magically disappeared and everything was working correctly :confused: , the only change I made had to be the cause: empty external events.
Checking the issues list again found that this issue is already open https://github.com/4ian/GD/issues/166, so avoid to use empty external events and everything should go well :slight_smile:

Have you tried the “Events Groups”? I used to do the same as you (I have some old tests with this format I think) until groups where added, I mean, they where made for it and are very handy :smiley:

so i dont have to use empty external event?? that simple.