External Events Profiling

Hi, I noticed a FPS drop without adding new stuffs. I activated the profiling to see what was happening and I noticed that suddenly at one point the events went to the sky so I wanted to see what event was causing the problem but I can’t activate the profiling for external events. It shows you the overall performance of the external event on the scene that you put it in but I can’t see the individual performance of each event in the external event even when you can activate the option.

Anyone can tell how to activate that? I’m presenting the progress of my game in one of the biggest conventions on my country on November 12th So I’m a bit frustrated about the FPS drop so any help before that date will be highly appreciated <3 Thanks!

Well, i faced the same problem before… The only thing you can do according to me : integrate all the events in the events of the scene, by copy/paste (and diable the link to external event). The easiest is to create a group of event in wich you will paste.

Yeah I guess it’s the only way for now… I’ll try that. Thanks ^_^/