External Events?

I can’t really figure out what they mean or do…
Can someone explain in depth?

They’re just the same as the normal events, but rather than having them visible in the scene they are stored elsewhere and just linked to in the scene. They are like user-defined functions in programming.

There are two main uses:

  1. To prevent a complex scene becoming incredibly long and difficult to read/debug. External events allow you to chop up a long list of events into smaller chunks. You can then tweak each chunk individually without having to worry about the others

  2. To avoid having to retype (or copy/paste) events again and again for each new scene. If you have already worked out the conditions and actions for e.g. a character dying and losing a life then you can separate them out into an external event and just call it from each new scene. The added advantage here is that any changes you make will automatically apply to every scene, rather than you having to manually change that event in every scene.

Got it. Thanks!