External Layers Help Please

Let me preface everything by saying I stumbled onto GDevelop last week and I absolutely love it! I’ve been lurking this board for a couple days now looking for an answer to my problem with no luck so far but I’m sure there’s someone that can shed some light on it…

I made my first game using Gdevelop, it’s a simple 2D platform game. It was originally just a one-level learning exercise but that first level came out so well I want to add more levels and make it a complete game.

So I started making separate scenes for each level until I stumbled upon the “magic” of external layouts. I went through the multiple-levels example and looked through the wiki & documentation. Then I went back to the drawing board and remade my game using external layout for the levels.

So far so good- I created several different external layouts and can successfully call them & create objects from them from the main game scene. The big problem is that although the sprites are loaded and displayed on screen properly they are completely frozen. No idle animation, no controls, nada. The objects I’m creating are sprites- one is the player sprite with the platform character automatism set, the other object is a sprite for the platform with the platform automatism enabled. I know I’m probably missing something n00bish and obvious here, can some one throw me a lifeline and help me out with this?

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Have you created some events in the scene where the external layouts (not layers) are used ?

Yessir there are. I based the reworking of my game off of the “multiple levels with external layouts” example. I have a very similar setup, trying to at least:

You should add a “At the beginning of the scene” to the last event where you are loading the external layout (if yout don’t do that, the objects will be recreated each frame which may look like they are not moving at all)

Genius! Thank you so much Victor :smiley:
Sorry for the delayed reply.
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