External layout is not working?

I have tried to use External layout (I am using it for the first time), But it doesn’t seem to work. Please check the image I am uploading

Any body please tell me how to create an event for external layout. I also have layers in my external layout does that effects? It’s not creating anything?

Ok Guys fine! don’t help, I am gonna create every single level myself…

Make sure you have the objects added to the scene that you want to create from the layout.
In the layout you need to select the scene you want to use, that is to have access to the objects but the layout does not store these objects, only have a reference to them. The scene in which you want to create the objects from layout needs to have the objects with the same name and animation.

Also make sure the spelling is correct.

It should work.

If you want to use an object in multiple scenes, you may want to make that object global but be careful because once you made an object global, you can not change it back to local and if you change it or delete it in one scene, it will be changed or deleted in all scenes.

All things are checked I did everything right. I reference the first scene in the external layout and I design the layout. not working? :confused:

Is the Breakout example working? It is using external layouts.
editor.gdevelop-app.com/?projec … //breakout

Might help to figure out what is wrong on your side.

Yes it works but it didn’t helped much! but I saw it can detect device. I want to know can it detect resolution?

It would be nice if you just upload a copy of your project; to check what is wrong properly; since External Layouts has always been working ever since GD4. So definitely there is something wrong with what you are doing.